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Herbal Honey Tea Like

October 23, 2023

Really Nice flavor Tasted like a herbal honey tea

Abel A

Great and Lasted a Long Time

April 25, 2023

I liked it more than I thought I would. The high was great and lasted a long time. I appreciated that it didnt hit too much behind the eyes or give me a headache like gummies can sometimes.

Carla S

Big Fan

April 12, 2023

Big fan of the fact I can take these out with me for every adventure! Wintergreen is my favorite pouch so far. On my first try, I timed the onset and began feeling a warm, happy buzz almost exactly at the 5 minute mark. I kept the pouch in for 20 minutes and had a nice sustained effect for 3 hours that was never too-much for me (I’m sensitive to edibles!) For my second try, I was in line for an event and tried the gentle chewing method and the onset was much faster. I never got sleepy like I do with chocolates, and I keep it in my purse and it goes everywhere with me!

Dani B

Perfect for A Night Out

April 11, 2023

The Voon pouches were perfect for a night out and super discreet. They had the perfect onset time with 30-45 minutes for me. They didn’t have a particular taste which was nice and the high was not to powerful putting me into the most perfect mood while out with friends


Flexible Usage

April 11, 2023

I’m a daily user of tobacco Snus and all white nicotine pouches, but not so much of Cannabis. The use of pouches feels discreet and convenient for me. The things I like about Voon is that it gives a controlled “high”, if I want a stronger release I playfully chew softly on the pouch before placing it under the upper lip and can remove the pouch if it gets too much. Perfect for social situations with a mellow nice feeling. Even if I feel the effect shortly after taking the pouch I like to have it in for long, over an hour to feel the high gradually builds up.

Frank S