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Got a sample

May 15, 2024

I suffer with Autism PTSD and AD.H.D. The sample pack I got was one of the best things to help me. work sleep whatever.

Christopher R

An awesome discreet innovative product

November 3, 2023

An awesome discreet innovative product to use my thc!

Zenora A

A little tingly, minty, which was cool

October 25, 2023

The VOON was an interesting product. It was a little big for under the top lip as recommended. Was a little tingly, minty, which was cool. I tried mine on a pool day and the high was a nice piggy back to my drink.

Bridgette C

Trainwreck Wintergreen is the best

October 25, 2023

In my opinion the Trainwreck Wintergreen flavor is the best of the three. The discrete nature of the VOON pouches make them a convenient way to consume in situations where you normally wouldn’t be able to consume.

Vinnie G

Enjoy the discreet and effective

October 25, 2023

I typically consume concentrates but really enjoyed the discreet and effective high that came from using just one pouch. Definitely a solid go-to option for the stoner on the go.

Bri P